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The Cadets is the beginning of the TWS' journey. This is where all the future Marines begin. This is where the current Marines started. The Cadets is the first step. Once you get recruited, you undergo BUC (Basic Understanding Course), and if you pass, you'll become and Introduction, and begin your journey.

The Cadets is the place where the cadets will undergo combat and discpline training, refining their loyalty, patience, and skill. Once they have all these things well and good, they will be ready to become Marines.

Bare in mind, Cadets can't have their own personal profile pages on this Wikia. Only Marines can.


  1. Pending Applicant
  2. Punished/Inactive Cadets
  3. Denied Applicant
  4. Accepted Applicant
  5. Introduction
  6. Phase Black
  7. Phase White
  8. Phase Grime
  9. Phase Orange
  10. Phase Orange: Parole
  11. Final Processing
  12. Graduate
  13. Recruiter
  14. Disciplinary Ordinance Officer
  15. Drill Instructor
  16. Senior Drill Instructor
  17. Director of the Drill Instructor Team
  18. Commandant of The War Series

Pending Applicant - Accepted ApplicantEdit

These are the acceptance/denial ranks. If you start, or not. Once you join, you will become pending. If you meet requirements, you will become an accepted applicant. If not, you will become a denied applicant.

Introduction - Phase GrimeEdit

These are the ranks where you actually train. Combat, skill, patience, determination, etc.

Phase Orange - Phase Orange: ParoleEdit

Phase Orange is now divided into three major sections.

  • The 'Untrainables' (People who literally impossible to train, they get spawn killed and treated like a prisoner.)

  • The 'Inbetween' (These people are now allowed wear hair, and if allowed the Cadet uniform. Are now allowed to train along side TWS)

  • The 'Redemption' (These people are clean, and are working on getting better. They should be fine and should become an Accepted Applicant soon.)

Phase Orange: Parole is for those who still need an additional help and guidelines. If they aren’t a Marine, they can still have this status, just ‘invisible’.

Final Processing and GraduateEdit

Final Proccessing is the final step through Cadets, the final testing if you're ready to become a Marine.

A graduate is one who has graduated cadets, and now is a Marine.

Recruiter - Director of the Drill Instructor TeamEdit

These are the trainers, or special guys. The ones that take care of the group.