The War Series Airforce is currently known for transporting troops in drop ships. In future uses, there may even be actual air on air (dogfight) warfare. The standard issue aircraft right now is the Mk23 TAC Mini.

Active AircraftEdit

  • The TAC Mk23 Mini is a drop ship fitting twelve, including a pilot and co-pilot seat. It is as the name implies, to serve as a drop ship aircraft for Marines to quickly get into combat.

Easily flying at 300 studs per second, or 18000 studs per minute it is easily one of the fastest drop ships in TWS history. It’s small yet convenient size allows for an ease of access at Fort Prodigious Storm. Due to its small size it is vulnerable to the SMAW anti-personal/anti-aircraft rocket system. But usually, the pilot

RobloxScreenShot04202014 115252786

TAC MK23 'Mini'

knows how to maneuver and avoid being shot. An image of the TAC Mk23 Mini is featured on the right hand side.