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The War Series logo.

The War Seres began in late 2009, by Commandant Guilbrob000, and later hired officers like Spart23, and Lolergags.

Originally, after Guil had left his rank of General in The Vaktovian Empire, he did a breif tour through the USM and USMC branch, and became a Colonel. After this, he created The War Series.

At first, TWS was a roleplay group for his friends and followers. But after leaving USM and VAK, he turned it into a war clan. Many of his friends in VAK joined, but failed. This was the beginning of TWS, zero-tolerence. 

Thousands of his friends tried joining, but only a small hundred or two officially passed.

After a while, he made a group called "TOBT" (The Official Beta Testers), a group for testing new tech that was coming to TWS, but soon becoming a cadet-style group.

Soon after that, Guil lost his BC and lost TOBT, due to the amount of groups he was able to be in.

Over the course of the next few years, TWS ran as a regular war clan.

The War Series: Cadets came out in Mid 2013, changing the face of TWS. It runs as a cadet group, refining the beings to become good in swordfighting, gunfighting, patience, obbies, discipline, etc. And becoming a Marine.


[Rank - Nickname - Username]

- May these Officers be honored in glory. -

Commandant of the War Series Valentin Virgil (Guilbrob000)

Ex-Major General Spargon Vyrn (Spart23) - Current Gunnery Sergeant

Ex-Colonel Deadhelz Toter (Deadriat) - Current Sergeant

Ex-Captain ScremoSkullz - Current Cadet

Ex-First Lieutenant Lolergags

Ex-Second Lieutenant 111Piper111 - Current Warrant Officer 1

  • A few have not been listed for certain reasons.


After Cadets pass the Cadet ranks, they graduate and become Marines. The current Marine ranks are:

  1. Private First Class
  2. Lance Corporal
  3. Corporal
  4. Sergeant
  5. Staff Sergeant
  6. Gunnery Sergeant
  7. Master Sergeant
  8. Sergeant Major
  9. Allied Representative
  10. Warrant Officer 1
  11. Warrant Officer 2
  12. Warrant Officer 3
  13. Warrant Officer 4
  14. Warrant Officer 5
  15. Second Lieutenant
  16. First Lieutenant
  17. Captain
  18. Major
  19. Lieutenant Colonel
  20. Colonel
  21. Field Marshal
  22. Assistant Commandant of The War Series
  23. Commandant of The War Series