The Staff, a secret unknown group of individuals who deal with issues in the group.

Influence on The War SeriesEdit

  • Staff on the main group photo.
  • Staff on the Cadet logo.
  • Staff on an old school Speech Announcement' logo.

The influence on The Staffs part is on almost every issue and situation. Even though some are revealed with a ‘Custom Colt’ or an ‘A3 Staff Custom’, most are anonymous. Some people even say those with weapons are ‘decoys’ for the real staff. Even though the members are highly unknown, The Staff is not very known in general. Most know the phrase the Commandant uses when he’s getting a guy wanting to be allies. “Send the request, I’ll discuss it with my staff.” Troops think he’s joking, or referencing a ‘wooden staff’ and himself. However, this is far from true as The Staff always hear about allies beforehand.

Notable WeaponsEdit

  • Staff Custom Colt

    The two versions of the Custom Colt given to apparent Staff members.

    'Commandants Colt: Staff Version'

Even though most already know about the ‘Staff Custom’ of the Commandants Colt, little do they know it comes in two colors. Some of the Staff nickname the two colors ‘Ebony and Ivory’ a slight reference to DMC. Others believe it’s following the trait the ‘Solid’ and ‘Snake’ followed. Along with the Diamondback weapon series.