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Lance Corporal Medicmatt

Medicmatt is known for his deadly accuracy with scoped and long range weaponry. He’s an excellent combat scout and doubles as a medic. Though Medicmatt is quite handy when it comes to the medical field, he has not sworn the Hippocratic Oath, and thus does not mind killing any of those he finds hostile.


Worked as a general in the 445th Legion until its brutal end where many of his limbs had to be replaced, and his head was blackened and burned. He is on a life support system built into his mask, and tends to stick to the same blackness that shrouds him.


  • "If it weren't my job to be stealthy, i'd be wearing bright colors with a target on the front."


  • Medic enjoys the Soviet Union, thus the reason he wears his hat.
  • 'Macaw' is his pet parrot, that sits on his shoulder.
  • He perfers long range and close range weapons.
  • Known to 'disappear' to an enemy, then return with said enemys blood on his blade.