Loler Last Known

Lolergags in 2011 (Last known screenshot)

Lolergags was one of the first members that joined The War Series. He published uniforms for The Commandant, made bases and the first fort. He also was one of the first Officers. The information for his other alias is classified.

He never left The War Series, but was 'exiled' after he 'left' Roblox. When we say he 'left', it was beyond his choice. His computer could no longer handle Roblox graphics and he surely became inactive. He was exiled after the era where TOBT was used as Cadets. He later showed up a year later, saying that he couldn’t handle more than 20 part games. After that, communication has ceased and he is no longer in contact. He was officially gone in late 2011, he is expected to never return.


  • One of the first The War Series members
  • One of the first The War Series officers
  • Former Vaktovian Sergeant (Under another alias.)
  • Known by almost all 'Old-breed' Marines.