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Private First Class Jubaduba

Jubaduba is currently a Private First Class. She joined back in early-mid 2012. Shes nearing her two year TWS birthday, which is no exact day, but July is the month. She was awarded the purple heart, for losing both her legs in a raid. Jubaduba has built maps, and even a custom battle rifle known as the SR-25 (featured on left).
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SR-25 Battle Rifle

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TAC MK23 'Mini'

Shes also created the TAC Mk23 Mini, after inspecting the older TAC Mk23 due to its giant size, she created this for eaiser use. (Also featured on left)


  • She is a good builder.
  • Co-developer for the TAC Mk23 Mini
  • Creator of the SR-25, battle-rifle.
  • TDM map builder.
  • Lost both her legs in a raid. (Purple heart)