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Commandant Guilbrob000.

The one who started it all, Commandant of The War Series Valentin Virgil (Guilbrob000 [Gil-Rob-000]). He is the first and only leader of The War Series, starting it in late 2009.

After he left from The Vaktovian Empire, he began his USM, USMC branch career. There he became a Colonel in less then a month. He left shortly after and made The War Series.

He was more an Officer then a Soldier in his Roblox career. He is extremely skilled in sword fighting, gun fighting, leading, scripting, and building. He does many 1 on 1 personal trainings, truly caring of his troops. He treats his cadets and Marines like children, loving them all equally.

Notable WeaponsEdit

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The Patriot

The Patriot: A 5.56x45mm assault rifle format weapon. Used only by the Commandant and only can be given to other troops by himself. It has infinity ammo, but an extremely slow rate of fire. (Compared to other weapons.) It’s also hard to weld, kicking up like a wild bronco in the wild. The Commandant welds it with one hand to show off his true gun-wielding skill.

  • Colt

    Commandants Custom Colt

    Commandants Custom Colt: A staff version of the colt with personal modifications such as; Green 'glow' sights, which aid the user during the night time. Re-enforced grips, helping with recoil and reload time. A forty-five round extended magazine, along with a fully auto trigger. Re-enforced slide, which also aids reload time and accuracy. A truly deadly sidearm.
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    [CQC] Blade

    [CQC] Blade: The most notable weapon, is the Commandants skill with his own blade. He’s known for taking just this blade behind enemy lines, and still being able to get in. A master of true stealth and close quarters, danger beware.


  • Originally joined the Vaktovian Coalition, becoming an Elder Colonel. After the fall of the Coalition and the beginning of the Vaktovian Empire, he was a General.
  • Lost his left eye due to a RAT magnum.
  • Lost his left arm, due to a helicopter crash.
  • Lost part of his right leg, in the same helicopter crash.
  • He is advanced in C++, C# and Java. (Real life)
  • He is extremely well at scripting and building, along with sword and gun combat.
  • Originally from 2006 on the account 'Guilbrob'.