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Sergeant Deadriat

Deadriat joined TWS in in early/mid 2010. He was a Colonel most of his career. When Cadets came around, he was moved to Sergeant. His current rank is Sergeant in The War Series and Disciplinary Ordinance Officer in the Cadets. He is known for his Honor Guard title, respect, 'harshness' (Being a DOO after all.) and speaking German.

Regular Weaponry

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Riat uses a variety of weapons, but out of all of the weapons he uses he likes some more then others. He likes powerful weapons, such as a crystal-type weaponry. He's also a big fan of 'The Ebony'. Another weapon that he likes that isn’t here is the ‘Commandants Colt’.

  • Pictured on left is his regular set up, which is a V7 blade, with a six-shot hand cannon known as ‘The Ebony’.

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V7 Crystal Sword

  • On right is a V7 Crystal Sword, its high crystal heating and slicing power in the common use of a sword. Increases walk speed for the user and even can help jump higher.

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    The Ebony

    On left is the hand-cannon known as ‘The Ebony’. Firing a powerful .500 with high powered crystal cartridge to improve range and the already powerful .500 rounds damage. Recoil can be hefty, but Riat can handle it easily after years of shooting it.

Honor Guard Weapons

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Deadriat in his Honor Guard armor.

Deadriat is a High Honor Guard in The War Series. That said, he has weapons he takes with him in his HG armor.

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    'Judgment from Odin'

    On right is his custom giant snub-nosed Ebony nicknamed ‘Judgment from Odin’.
It could literally shoot a tank in half, if need be. It can take out small aircraft and do a good-deal of damage to medium sized aircraft. If he shot this at a regular person, up to 10,000 meters the person would instantly turn into a red puff of blood. After the ‘smoke’ settled from the person, nothing would be left; literally nothing.
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    The Standard HG 'Sword'

    On left is the standard Honor Guard sword. It not only can shoot loads of shrapnel towards the enemy, but it can slice nearly anything in half with one motion. Its main core is a super-charged nova crystal. The coils outside are super charged with plasma and high frequency radio waves. Not only that; if stabbed instead of used like a sword, the prongs will attach itself in the target. The prongs will naturally start to cause a massive tear, even straight through metal. It can be used to fire shrapnel with the super-charged barrel core, that the weapon naturally creates a metal-like spike. This spike can pierce through solid metal aircraft and nearly every type of armor. If the weapon is completely put into the target; the inner teeth will force it through the target or out of the target.


  • He was a Private First Class in the Vaktovian Empire.
  • One of the first officers
  • Deadriat is a High Honor Guard, the highest Honor Guard in The War Series history.
  • Brigadier General briefly before Cadets started.
  • First Disciplinary Ordinance Officer in TWS:C history.