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Private First Class Cloudhammer12

Cloudhammer12 is currently a Private First Class. He first joined TWS in mid 2012, leaving 2-3 times for certain reasons everytime. He enjoys sniping and swordfighting. When he graduated cadets for the 3rd time, he tore his arm off with a machete to swear loyalty, and not to leave again. It has been replaced with a cyborg arm. His eyesight has been lost due to bullets to the face, being fixed by the Commandant's technology. He has a strong faith into becoming an Honor Guard, to protect his Commandant in return for all the Commandant has done for him.


  • "I will protect him with the greatest sheild in existance. My soul."
  • "It has come to the point where I will light entire nations on fire without flinching or breaking a tear, the world has made my soul numb and I enjoy it. I tore my arm off for loyalty to TWS, and I don't mind tearing  the arms off every being in existance for TWS. I have lost all my pity, it is completley gone. I am here to ruin your haven."


  • He was a Vaktovian Ascension Core Stage 3, and was in the Vaktovian Army Corps breifly.
  • He does graphic designing.
  • It is said he will do anything to prove loyalty, even if it means harming another.
  • He looks up to Sgt Deadriat.
  • He takes pride in swordfighting.
  • He lost one of his arms, getting a cyborg arm, and losing eyesight by bullets to the face in a raid, being repaired by the Commandant's high technology.